Snorkel Excursion From Puerto Morelos

A snorkel excursion offered near Cancun, from the Original Snorkel Adventure, will pickup in the hotel zone. They transport you to their beach operations on the coast, in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Their boats take you to snorkel spots in the protected marine park, where the reef is protected and not bleached out from the chemicals found in most sunscreens. They offer coral safe sunscreen their or you can get it ahead of time from Tropical Sands, the recommended brand. Amazon sells it as well, that’s where I got mine.

Brain coral

Brain coral, schoolmaster and bluehead wrasse

When we arrived at their beach, the group is offered bags to store their valuables while out on the boats. The use of coral safe sunscreen is discussed. The fee for the marine sanctuary is collected, then life jackets are issued and everyone heads to the shore. Our group were divided between two boats.

Elkhorn coral

Elkhorn coral

Once loaded we headed out to the first protected reef stop. It was a bit wavy out there, we visited in January which is normally windy. We didn’t know that when we planned our vacation. The second stop was a little better for the conditions, shallower and less choppy waves.

Lots of elkhorn coral, sea fans and brain coral there plus a school of snappers! After the two stops, the boats return to the beach for a buffet meal, drinks- soft, beer and mixed. There’s the possibility of going out one more time or relaxing on the beach. We walked up and down the beach a bit. There’s hammocks and swing chairs and picnic tables around to choose from for seating. Bathrooms are in building at the back of the beach area. There are pictures taken on the boats that you can purchase to remember the excursion, as well. I brought my own camera, as I love underwater photography. School of snappers

Finally, the buses and vans load back up to return everyone to their respective resorts. Our group was from the Hotel Zone in Cancun. Puerto Morelos is about 40 minutes south. Everyone in our transport was happy with their experience as we chatted a bit on the way back. There are a lot of different snorkeling areas to explore while vacationing in Cancun. Several are right near the hotel zone, soon we’ll return during a non-windy season so we can check out the spots off the zone and out at Isla Mujeres. On a day with good visibility, I’d like to see the statutes that have been made and installed near Isla Mujeres.

Briefly, I’d like to say that we stayed at the Casa Magna Marriott. It is a grand magnificent resort with lots of marble, big chandeliers and a cozy bar across from the entrance. We enjoyed sitting there at happy hour and looking out to the grounds and the ocean. Despite the wind, we did enjoy walking the beach and exploring what other neighboring resorts had to offer. The dining in the area is exceptional, as well. We had really nice meals at the Marriott , Fred’s and Harry’s. Our favorite lunch spot was right across the street under a convenience store, Tacos de Mariscos, I think. They only serve tacos and quesadillas from a window of a little kitchen, there are tables behind kitchen away from the street where we ate, very good Mexican food!



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