Feel Right at Home in Aruba

Nos Clubhuis viewWant to visit or live in the Caribbean, yet like the modern conveniences that come with living in the United States? Give Aruba a try. The capitol city, Oranjestad has high-end retail, tourist shops and just about everything else. Starbucks, banking, restaurants, retail, casinos, marina, activities and the local government offices are all there. It’s fairly clean for a city, although not much past the main thoroughfare there is a lot of renewal in process. Each time we visit it’s further along. In the beginning of March we noticed that the level of new buildings at the most active in the past five years.

As we were leaving the peak season for visitors was just kicking off. We had a long wait going through Aruban and US Customs the first time ever when leaving. There were as many or more arriving. As checking in our rental car was a zoo, too. Yes, it’s a popular place to visit. Enough about getting there and leaving, this island can be your Caribbean Home. English is  spoken almost everywhere on the island. The US dollar is excepted widely and the Dutch are excellent hosts. Almost all the time, the weather is in the 80’s, the Caribbean waters are in shades of blue and beautiful sandy beaches abound. My favorite activity here is snorkeling, of course. Every level of experience has an opportunity to explore the wonder beneath the surface of the Caribbean.

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