Coki Beach, A Nice and Easy Snorkel Spot

St. Thomas has several beaches for all kinds of water activities. For a good snorkeling spot, try Coki Beach.  A perfect place for snorkelers and non-snorkelers, as well, it is a nice beach that has public facilities plus food and drink vendors, making it an easy place to enjoy a day beaching it.Striped Butterflyfish

When you arrive, you’ll be directed where to park for a small fee. The same goes for beach lounge chairs and umbrellas. They’ll get you set up and ready to enjoy the day. If you’re there to snorkel, they’ll give you a large dog biscuit to attract fish in the water. Unless you’ve done this before, be aware that the fish can be quite aggressive. If the food is close to you, they’ll nip at your skin. Also, to make it last longer hold it tightly, breaking off small pieces as needed.Princess Parrotfish

I snorkeled near the underwater viewing section of the Coral World tourist attraction. There were as much of a variety of fish that I’ve seen in most Caribbean spots I’ve snorkeled. Unfortunately, my underwater camera’s battery died only after a few pictures! Still I did get some pictures and enjoyed the fish and corals there. The greatest part of Coki Beach is the convenience, unlike group snorkeling trips on a boat! Come an go as you please, real bathrooms, buy or bring your own beverages and food.

Our OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA visit was on a Sunday. We saw local families, as well as, tourists. The most special part of the day came as a local church group, all dressed in white, arrived to baptize new members. There were a joyous and friendly group and we quite enjoyed the ceremony. We even received some blessings from the group for a safe return home.

Later in the day, we watched a young boy as he practiced handsprings and received pointers from a man who could do a whole series of them. All in all, a great and unique beach day and I’d like to visit again.

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