Feel Right at Home in Aruba

Want to visit or live in the Caribbean, yet like the modern conveniences that come with living in the United States? Give Aruba a try. The capitol city, Oranjestad has high-end retail, tourist shops and just about everything else. Starbucks, banking, restaurants, retail, casinos, marina, activities and the local government […]

Snorkel Gear – Dry Snorkel

What, you may ask, is a dry snorkel? Well I found out about it by reading the specification information on one, At the top of the one (pictured) is an enclosure with a float and baffle. This is what keeps the snorkel dry, especially for diving below the surface. When […]

Snorkel Gear – Prescription Mask

For anyone who requires vision correction to see, one way to go is with a prescription mask. If you normally wear glasses, it makes the best sense. If you’re normally a contact lens wearer, it can be an option, as well. I have previously always worn contact lens with my […]


Blue Morpho

Tropical Exotic Butterflies

… are waiting to be discovered at Aruba’s Butterfly Farm. As our most recent trip was more of an adventure to seek out new places and activities. I prepared for this possibility by packing my Nikon with the telephoto lens. We went on our last day, of course, a visit […]

Snorkel Gear – Padded Mask Strap Cover

The most recent addition to my gear is a padded neoprene mask strap cover. I wish I knew about these sooner! Dealing with the hair tangling and pulling of a typical mask strap has always bugged me. Now, I’ll never go without a mask strap cover! They’re easy to use, […]

Boat, Pto. Morelos, Mexico

Snorkel Excursion From Puerto Morelos

A snorkel excursion offered near Cancun, from the Original Snorkel Adventure, will pickup in the hotel zone. They transport you to their beach operations on the coast, in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Their boats take you to snorkel spots in the protected marine park, where the reef is protected and not […]

Coki Beach, A Nice and Easy Snorkel Spot

St. Thomas has several beaches for all kinds of water activities. For a good snorkeling spot, try Coki Beach.  A perfect place for snorkelers and non-snorkelers, as well, it is a nice beach that has public facilities plus food and drink vendors, making it an easy place to enjoy a […]

St Thomas USVI view

Fly Delta Jets sign

Travel Wear: Pieces to Pack

Planning a trip? Here’s a formula for travel wear, what pieces to pack so you have flexibility and options during your stay. Choose elemental clothing pieces to create all of the outfits needed to enjoy your trip. Separates add flexibility to suit the activity, the weather and your mood. It’s […]

Kauai, Hawaii Come Hear the Roosters’ Crowing! 1

First Impressions Travel presents a unique opportunity to share memories of your visit with others who traveled there. All of the Hawaiian Islands have beauty in abundance. Personally, I’ve yet to explore them all. I’ve been to Maui and Kauai. Each has features that should not be missed by anyone […]

Kauai rooster

Seattle Car Wash sign

See Seattle, Washington

 First Impressions Before I’d ever been to Seattle, I’d heard about the Pike Place Market, seen pictures of the Space Needle, watched episodes of Frasier and listened to Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. As you look around the city, there are a lot of green spaces and flowers, from parks to […]