Snorkel Gear – Dry Snorkel

Cressi-dry-snorkelWhat, you may ask, is a dry snorkel? Well I found out about it by reading the specification information on one, At the top of the one (pictured) is an enclosure with a float and baffle. This is what keeps the snorkel dry, especially for diving below the surface.

When I used mine for the first time, I dove down to take a closer look and no water came into my snorkel I felt much more comfortable with it. I had never tried diving down much before because my snorkel would need to be cleared and often I had to surface to do it or I swallowed sea water.

So while I can’t scuba dive, (my ears won’t clear) I can get a closer look and better pictures of whatever I encounter. I highly recommend the Cressi Dry snorkel shown here. It has a easy clip for attaching your mask strap, clicks into place or off just as easy. It’s the one I own and I’m quite happy with it.

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